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I wish to thank everyone for your encouragement, support, enthusiasm, and ideas. And a special thank you to donors and volunteers for a great team effort. I would also like to congratulate our 2023 - 2026 members of council. I`m confident that the new council is well prepared to make our city the gem of the Okanagan! Lastly, a special thank you to Doug Findlater for his time as Mayor and Councillor that helped make West Kelowna a great place to live.


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Rusty needs your help to help him get things done on council. The city will be making some very serious decisions as West Kelowna grows. Traffic congestion, sidewalks for the safety of all, waste and how it is handled, and still a major issue are affordable housing, improved road maintenance, more open and transparent city governance, and a place where people, above all, come first.

Rusty agrees that the pandemic and subsequent fallout have hit many businesses, both small and large. The pandemic hit individuals the hardest. Those whose jobs were put on hold caused hardship for many families—families who are still trying to recover from financial losses. Landlords were also affected.
While many people are still struggling to recover, and looking for more ways to cut corners, the city threw a kidney punch by raising taxes by 4.05%. This affects everyone in West Kelowna, be they a landowner, landlord, or renter. This increase is on top of unbelievable costs in goods and services, delayed supplies, and shortage of labour.

Rusty wants to get back to the council to ensure that every dollar is spent wisely; that every dollar spent will benefit everyone, and you can help. Vote for Rusty.

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Again, thank you for helping to support West Kelowna.

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